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The Crestiad



Cedar Crest’s national award-winning newspaper, The Crestiad, is published by and in the interest of the students. Student staff members gather, report, write and edit news, features and sports articles. They are also responsible for layout, photography, advertising and circulation. The staff strives for consistency, accuracy and professionalism in content and design. Student membership on the staff is strongly encouraged. Staff members are expected to participate on a regular basis for at least one semester at a time. All students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to contribute articles and letters to the editor; however, all submissions are subject to policies and procedures determined by the staff and advisor. Students, faculty and administration receive free subscriptions. The Crestiad not only reports campus news but also news from campuses across the nation through its membership with the National Student News Service. Local businesses advertise in The Crestiad. The Crestiad office is located in Butz Hall.