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Student Government Association



Through student body meetings, special committee meetings, student government meetings, and conferences with the president, the deans of the college, and the executive director of the office of leadership and student development, every student activity is represented. There are seven executive positions and five resident and two commuter senators for each class—all of whom are elected by the student body. The 28 positions have voting privileges in student government. Student government meets regularly to discuss the management of student clubs and organizations, concerns of students, reflect on changing college policies, and to make and amend ineffective policies and procedures as applicable. The association welcomes all suggestions related to campus life and students are encouraged to attend student government meetings to voice their concerns and recommendations or change. Feedback from the student body enables SGA representatives to address the issues and concerns that students wish to have resolved on campus. Through the student government executive board, student government maintains close contact with college administration and faculty. The student government president regularly discusses plans and issues with administrators. Any questions or concerns about college rules and/or regulations can be addressed at student government meetings or by contacting a member of the executive board. With support from the entire student population, (including SAGE students, residents and commuters) student government is the backbone of student endeavors at Cedar Crest College.